The Only Sauce You'll Ever Need

Let’s knip one myth in the bud and say that vegetables do not have to be boring! The key to truly enjoying the freshness and flavor of your vegetables is to have a great sauce to pair with it. When you have a tasty sauce that is only healthy, you can fully enjoy the full range of benefits of your vege snack!

That is why we created this recipe, so that you never have an excuse to not want to eat those broccoli or cauliflower. Along with fresh vegetables, this sauce is also great on chicken, beef, or to use as a rice bowl toppings. And with the perfect spice from the sriracha, sweetness of the stevia, and tartness of the lime juice, you truly get a full range or flavor within a few simple ingredients.

A note on Stevia: this, along with date sugar, is a great alternative to white sugar. Stevia sugar is an extract from the stevia plant, making it naturally derived and calorie free. Though the flavor might take some getting used to, it is delicious and more potent than regular sugar (which means you don’t have to use as much).


¼ c mayo

1 tbsp chili sauce

2 drops liquid stevia

1 tsp sriracha

1 tbsp lime juice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp granulated garlic


1) Mix all ingredients well.

2) Set in an airtight container. Use within 5-7 days for the freshest flavor.

3) Add to EVERYTHING (Except, of course, your deserts)

What kind of vegetables or meal did you pair with this sauce? Share in the comments below!

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