Peanut Banana & Jelly Bites

I have recently been obsessed with finding new creative ways to bring bananas into my dessert recipes, and also make them super easy for meal-prep. Not only are bananas incredibly flavorful, but they also contain an innumerable amount of nutrients, making them the guilt and care free choice for anyone who loves a [healthy] late night snack!

I also wanted to create something for my on-the-go mom friends who want to give their little ones a sweet treat without all the empty carbs and excess sugar that goes into the average PB&J sandwich. Because they’re sugar free (and vegan, I might add), these bite-size snacks are easy for packed lunches and perfect for midday muchies.

Take them for a picnic with the family or keep them in the fridge cold for a creamy cold snack on a hot day!


1 banana sliced into coins 1/4 inch thick

(slightly mature bananas with a small amount of brown spotting is the best because they are still firm yet sweet).

2 tbsp melt peanut butter (we recommend something without added sugar, as the bananas offer the perfect amount of natural sweetness.)

1 tbsp Sugar Free Preserves (link here)


Slice bananas into ¼ inch pieces, making sure that they are thick enough to hold together the rest of the ingredients, but not so thick that they fall apart. Lay pieces out in shallow pan (recommended pan size: 9x11)

Warm peanut butter in a pan on low heat until it has a liquid consistency.

Using a teaspoon, add one dollop of peanut butter to each banana slice. Place in freezer for fifteen minutes in order to cool.

When cool, place jelly on top of each piece peanut butter banana slice and last banana slices on top.

Place in freezer for only five minutes to let cool

Remove from freezer and enjoy! Keep refrigerated in order for stack to stay firm.

And there you have it, the perfect summer snack!

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