Cookies 'n' Cream Protein Bites

Oreos, my secret love affair except I don't actually like the entire oreo....what is that white frosting anyways....The chocolate cookie is my absolute favorite, dipped in a glass of milk, absolutely delicious. Okay so I wanted to recreate the sinful oreo into an easy to travel healthy option. So we crafted a gluten free, extremely low sugar, protein filled oat bite!


6 double chocolate cookies (link) chopped into large pieces

2 cups oats

2 scoops cookies n cream protein

1/4 c melted coconut oil

1/2 c natural nut butter

1. Crush chocolate cookies and set aside.

2. In a separate mixing bowl add oats and protein then mix well.

3. In a microwavable bowl add coconut oil and natural peanut butter or any other nut butter you prefer and heat until the oil is no longer a solid.

4. Add oil to oats and protein mixture and mix well. The goal is to have a slightly sticky mixture, if you mixture is still a bit dry add a tsp more of nut butter until it is sticky.

5. Using an ice cream scoop or a tsp measure out and roll the protein bites in your hand.

6. Place in a freezer safe container and cover with a lid. We prefer to leave ours in the freezer until ready to eat...get ready to enjoy!

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