Meal Prep 101

Making time to prepare meals means making more time to live your life.

The truth is that when we eat better, we perform better. We can be more present for our own work, our loved ones, and our own lives, doing things that we enjoy and excite us! Even though prepping meals throughout the week can seem like a time consuming process, learning to create this habit will allow you to have much more physical and mental energy for the important things in your life. It’s time effective and cost effective, since you won’t spend as much time eating out. Plus, with the variety of dishes you can cook (and simple at that, most here in this blog are under 30 minutes), you can have a nutrient dense meal that will increase your energy.

So What Does Meal Prep Look Like?

Meal prep requires three separate easy steps: 


  1. Having recipes picked and foods in house for an easy transition from work into the kitchen. 

  2. Cutting vegetables

  3. Marinating your protein (which we suggest doing overnight)


Once you have this dialed in, it will be easy to create simple meals, and eventually have your own recipes from mixing and matching different ingredients.

The Three Day Plan: 
meal prep for those that need variety.

The Three Day Plan


Here at Eat-fficient, we know that you don’t want to plan the same lunch or dinner for a whole week. After one to three meals, most people are ready for something new. With our meal plans and grocery list, we give you suggestions for how to mix and match your pre-cooked ingredients, allowing you to have a variety of meals throughout the week. 

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